Why You Should Care: The Global Workforce Shortage

Studies paint a stark picture. The tech sector is experiencing exponential growth, leading to millions of unfilled positions. Experts estimate upwards of 85 million unfilled positions by 2030. The alarming reality is that the supply of qualified professionals falls woefully short of this demand. This imbalance threatens the efficiency and competitiveness of businesses across sectors.

About Skillquest

While pursuing a coding education, Skillquest founder Corbin Fonville had to learn to code by building a vegetable categorizing app. To say it was excruciatingly boring would be an understatement. It wasn’t until he built something interesting and relevant to him that he was able to use it as an example in an interview launching his career as a software engineer.

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Misguided Education Causes a Gap Between Learning Code and Careers in Tech

Many students graduate from high school, college, or a coding boot camp ill-equipped to start their careers as experienced junior developers. This often makes them have to seek employment in another industry, not using their talent and skills. You shouldn’t have to invest so much time and money in a coding education that doesn’t lead to a dream career in tech.
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Our Mission

Skillquest’s mission is to inspire the next generation into tech with fun courses around their favorite passion: gaming. This removes barriers to technical careers for youth by helping learners utilize their passion for gaming to learn software engineering basics, develop a portfolio, and get placed into their first professional tech role.

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