The Talk

This 25 minute seminar with following discussion explores opportunities for students to build real career skills through engaging with their scholastic esports program. The talk was developed by Corbin Fonville, Founder of Skillquest, and first delivered at CUE Catalyst Esports Edition on 1/20/2024. Reach out to Corbin if you’d like to have this talk at your conference.


Scholastic esports programs offer ways for students to plug into roles that develop both your program and their lifelong career skills. Encouraging students to participate in your program through esports broadcasting, graphic design, broadcast engineering, and many other disciplines outlined in Corbin’s Roles to Career Skills Map. Build the students’ career skills and portfolios, as well as adding value to your program’s brand and helping your stakeholders (competitors, supporters, student volunteers, and administrators) understand how your program creates value.


Get the slides: Beyond the Game Leveraging Esports for Career Skills
The Roles to Career Skills Map, a reference of roles that students can fill, the career skills they develop, and their job descriptions.