The Work Speaks for Itself

Top engineers are easy to identify when you see their work, so why do we recruit with a pile of resumes? Skillquest courses are project-based, so they naturally identify top talent through the outcomes of the course. Want up-and-comers? Mature engineers? We can help you find your next hire using project-based education as a filter.

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Skillquest: A Strategic Partner in Talent Acquisition

Strategic Learning Outcomes

Skillquest specializes in targeted, outcome-driven learning experiences. Our curated programs ensure that Questers possess not only theoretical knowledge but also hands-on, practical expertise. From fundamental coding skills to advanced software development, our courses align with the precise needs of the modern tech landscape.

Efficient Talent Sourcing

Skillquest operates as more than an educational platform; we are your direct link to a pool of skilled candidates. They are potential innovators, prepared to drive your business’s success from day one.

Skillquest at Twin Cities Startup Week in Minneapolis and Saint Paul in 2022

Navigating the Talent Drought: The Numbers Speak

Studies paint a stark picture. The tech sector is experiencing exponential growth, leading to millions of unfilled positions. Experts estimate upwards of 85 million unfilled positions by 2030. The alarming reality is that the supply of qualified professionals falls woefully short of this demand. The ramifications of this shortage echo far beyond the confines of individual businesses – it resonates in the global economy, where unmet demand stifles innovation and hampers economic growth.

Your Path Forward: Let’s Forge a Partnership

Whether you want to fill specific roles, enhance the skill set of your existing workforce, or collaborate on bespoke training programs, Skillquest offers a structured, efficient, and targeted approach to meet your objectives.

Take Action: Let Us Know How to Help

To explore how Skillquest can address your specific talent needs and drive your business toward greater innovation and success, complete the form below. Together, let’s turn this challenge into an opportunity for enduring growth and success.