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Welcome to Skillquest’s Certification Information Page, where your dedication to mastering new skills meets recognition and opportunity. Whether you’re exploring the strategic depths of Rocket League bot programming or delving into the creative world of game map development with Lethamyr’s Ultimate Map Making, our courses are designed not just to educate but to certify your achievements. Each certification, fully trackable and hosted by Credly, serves as a testament to your hard work and expertise, ready to be showcased on LinkedIn, resumes, and beyond. Read below for how you can earn your certificate today! 


Why Certify?

Achieving a Skillquest certification not only validates your programming skills but also enhances your academic and professional portfolio. Whether you’re aiming for higher education, seeking scholarships, or navigating the job market, these credentials provide tangible evidence of your capabilities and set you apart in the competitive tech landscape.

Ready to begin your journey towards certification? Dive into our courses, challenge yourself, and emerge with credentials that open doors to new opportunities.


Certifications by Course:

Rocket League Bot Course Certifications

Certified Rocket League Python Coder

Who’s It For: Students who go beyond watching videos to writing their bot code and completing a comprehensive project write-up.


  • Curriculum completion
  • Submission of a detailed project profile and write-up on the Skillquest website.

Benefits: A digital, Credly-hosted certificate verifying your project completion and Python coding skills.

Certified Competitive Rocket League Python Coder

Who’s It For: Those who complete the course, project write-up, and participate in the SQ RLBot Coding Tournament.


  • All Tier 1 requirements.
  • Code submission and participation in the tournament.

Benefits: A Credly-hosted certificate, distinguishing you as a competitive programmer in the Rocket League and Python coding communities.

How to Receive Your Certificate

Once you have completed the Rocket League Bot course, you have two options:

  • If you are participating in one of our tournaments, you’ll want to submit your competition code per course instructions and then complete a project writeup. To submit your project writeup, sign in, head to your profile on the Skillquest website (on the top right of your screen) and select “Create Summary” under the “Your Portfolio” section to answer the questions and publish your portfolio project. Doing so will earn you the Competitive Rocket League Python Coder Certificate.

  • If you are not participating in a tournament, you can still complete the project writeup on your profile to earn the Rocket League Python Coder Certificate using the same steps as above to access your portfolio.
  • After we have received your project writeup, we will review it and notify you of the status of your certificate. Please ensure your write-up is clear, concise, and proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. This template is designed to showcase your project, reflecting both your technical abilities and your learning process. Include pictures throughout to show your progress.
  • Once you have been by Skillquest cleared to receive a credential, you will receive an email directly from Credly with instructions for how to claim and share your new certificate.

Note: Incomplete or unsatisfactory project submissions will not be considered for certification. If more work is needed to bring your writeup to standards, we will communicate with you via email.

We look forward to seeing your unique contributions and innovations!