Coding Camps for Rocket League Players

We help Rocket League players learn coding skills in small groups by using their passion for Rocket League as a motivator to learn.

Learn to Code with Rocket League at Skillquest - Skillquest Online Coding Camps

Available Coding Camps

Learn Python with Skillquest

Python: Rocket League Bot

Students learn how to create a bot using Python that they can play against in Rocket League

Learn Node.JS with Skillquest

Node.js: Server/ Discord Bot

Students learn how to set up a web server and build a Discord bot using Node.js with an expert.

Learn how to build websites with Skillquest

Web Design: Gamer Site

Students learn website design by building their own personal gaming website with Wix, Webflow, and WordPress.

“The Skillquest guides are very professional. They help and encourage me along the way. I would definitely recommend Skillquest for anybody interested in learning useful skills while having fun!”

Brock W

High School Junior