Go From a Beginner to an Intermediate Python Developer

Get your first interaction coding Python by building an AI bot that can play Rocket League. Sign up for the 12-week course today. You will receive modules in a series of 12 weekly emails beginning December 19.

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Learn Python with Skillquest

What You Can Do With Python
Beyond The Course


Deploy Web Servers with Python

Deploy Web Servers

Learn how to use Python to deploy web servers and create web apps.

Machine Learning with Python

Machine Learning

Use Python for machine learning applications.

Data Science with Python

Data Science

Learn how to use Python for data science.

Build Your Own Rocket League Bot to Compete with Others

Build a bot that can move, make decisions, and know certain datasets to operate and play Rocket League offline. Learn a variety of coding concepts by teaching your bot skills.

At the end of the course, we will host a Rocket League Bot competition where each participant will put their bot to the test against other participants’ bots.

Coding Concepts You’ll Learn

In the 12-week Python coding course, we help students understand coding principles so they can build a polished finished product, take what they learned, and apply it to future projects and endeavors. Once graduated from the course, participants can confidently approach employers and schools with demonstratable skills to further their careers.









Questions You May Have About The Course


How much does this course cost?

This beginner Python course costs $99 for the 12-week cohort. This includes support in discord and 4 office hour sessions. For access to weekly office hour sessions and all of our courses, sign up for Skillquest All Access.


What else does Skillquest offer?

We have 3 levels of coding skill development we offer. We have Skillquest Plus, our community and elearning offering to learn coding skills self-paced. We have The Coding Dojo where students learn to code in a group setting on a weekly basis and we have Coding Mastery where students work toward a career in coding with a dedicated coach. Learn more here.


What is the age range for this course?

This Python course is designed to take people from beginner to intermediate coders using Python. Our typical age range is 15-25 but anyone who is motivated to learn will benefit from this course.


What hardware and software requirements are there?

The requirements to take this course are simple. You must have a PC and have Rocket League. Rocket League is free, and every other program we will have you download is free for you to use.


What skill level is required to take this course?

The coding course is designed for beginners to help them gain the skills of an intermediate-level developer. Experienced developers are also encouraged to take the course.


How much time do I need to dedicate each week?

Expect to spend 1-4 hours every week working on your project.


How is the course delivered?

The coding course is delivered via email one module each week for 12 weeks. We will also have support available in our Discord community.


When does the course begin?

The first module will be delivered via email on December 19. Registration is open now.

Skillquest is a STEM Accredited Educational Program that helps Rocket League Players become Software Developers

Focused on STEM Education

At Skillquest, we teach our students career skills from a STEM focus. We believe that STEM is the future and are passionate about teaching students STEM skills that will help them excel in their future career in the software engineering industry. We work with other STEM-focused businesses to elevate our curriculum and place talent into good companies.

Learn to Code With Python From The Comfort of Home

The course is delivered via email over 12 weeks. Students will have access to the instructor in the Skillquest community and will be able to collaborate with other participants online.