Do you want to integrate our course into your classroom curriculum? That’s great! We can provide course access to all of the students in your class(es) for teachers who opt into our new Educator Program, fully sponsored by the Army National Guard. See below for full details of program expectations.

How to Get Started

  1. Review the Current Page: Please review the information on this page to understand the expectations and requirements.
  2. Check Out the Course Landing Pages: Visit the landing page for each course to get detailed information about the curriculum and objectives.
  3. Sign Up: Sign up for the course you’d like to use in your class from that course’s landing page.

Currently Offered Courses

  1. Rocket League Bot Coding Course: Students will learn everything they need about the Python programming language while coding their own Rocket League bot.
  2. GameDev with Python Course: A new, browser-based course where students will learn how to design their own custom video games using Python.

Participation Requirements for Teachers

  • Be a high school teacher, coach, or educator with students this upcoming fall.
  • Sign up as a teacher through the course landing page.
  • Attend a meet and greet meeting with us (we’ll reach out to schedule after sign up).
  • Schedule two classroom visits from Skillquest:
    • One introductory visit to set up student accounts and kick off the course.
    • One follow-up visit to check in and provide real-time coaching, answer questions, etc.
  • Facilitate one visit from an Army National Guard representative to talk about tech career opportunities.

Participation Requirements for Students

  • Attend scheduled Skillquest class visits.
  • Engage with the course content and additional materials throughout the program.
  • Submit a tournament-ready project for the fall Rocket League Bot Tournament.
  • Complete a project write-up to earn a coding certificate (optional).

Ready to bring these exciting opportunities to your classroom? Sign up for one of our courses today and start preparing your students for a future in tech. Visit the course landing pages for the Rocket League Bot Coding Course or the GameDev with Python Course to get started.

We’re excited to partner with you in teaching the next generation meaningful tech skills. Let’s work together to inspire and equip your students with the knowledge they need to succeed!