Your voices have been heard, the Skillquest Bot League is kicking off June 3rd!

Big thanks to LeagueOS for powering this league

If you participated in the Skillquest RLBot course, you will 100% want to check this out, as this league is open to anyone in the Skillquest Discord server who has taken this course and written bot code – teachers, coaches, and educators included!

Keep an eye out for the registration form opening on Wednesday May, 29. Registered participants have until 11:59 PM CT on Sunday, June 2 to submit a private repository link containing their bot’s code. New registrations may not be accepted after this date.

Participants will submit bots to face off in 1v1 matches. Matches will be uploaded to YouTube on the Skillquest channel every Tuesday. After each week of matches, participants will have the rest of the week to update their code until the next week’s submission deadline. Changing your bot week-to-week is not required to participate, but come on, it’s the best part!

The bot league will run for 6 weeks followed by a play-off event in July! The play-offs will be streamed LIVE with casters on the Skillquest Twitch channel, with additional no-cast matches streamed in the background.

Finally, watch for a Grand Prize tech gear announcement coming Week 1

This will be the most exciting Skillquest experience YET. Get your bots ready, tell your friends, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to any Skillquest staff with questions or ideas about your bot or the Bot League. We are here to help and have a great time doing it!

Stay tuned for more info May 29th!