Learn to Code with Rocket League Online Coding Courses

We help high schoolers learn how to code using Rocket League as a tool for learning in easy to digest learning modules.

Learn Coding Online with Skillquest Through Rocket League


Learn to code with Python by building a Rocket League bot

Learn Python by Building an RL Bot

Learn one of the worlds most useful coding languages, Python, by building a bot that plays Rocket League. This course is the first step. Launch your bot and run your first line of code in just a few minutes. You’ll have a running Rocket League bot and the ability to operate it via Python.

Learn to code Node JS by building your own Discord bot

Learn Node.js by Building a Discord Bot

Learn how to build your own Discord bot and customize it using Node. js. This is a great way for any gamer to get started with coding and to make their Discord server stand out among the rest!

Learn Node JS and Javascript with Skillquest

Learn Node.js and JavaScript

Learn everything you need to start building real, valuable projects in the most popular coding language: Node.js and javascript. You’ll have a powerful skillset to begin building web servers, discord bots, and apps. The sections of this quest also includes links to other high-quality, updated free instructive content.

Learn to code with Node JS by utilizing Rocket League stats

Learn Node.js with Rocket League Stats

Learn how to get your detailed Rocket League data and turn that into useful insights to use elsewhere using Node.js.