Rocket League Bot Competition

Win $2000 by learning how to build a Rocket League bot with Skillquest's Python course

Learning Begins

On course signup
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Signups End

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Tournament Date

August 12

How You Enter

Purchase and complete Skillquest's bot building course to enter


Purchase Skillquest's online video course to learn everything you need to know about building a Rocket League bot using Python. You also get access to the Discord community to ask questions, play in scrims, and meet other bot builders.


Make improvements to your bot’s strategy and mechanics by testing it against your peers’ in weekly scrims, or by downloading testing yourself against some of the world’s most famous bots. Weekly scrims begin in June.


Bots created by course participants are entered in the Skillquest Bot Battle Tournament. The final tournament is a combination of judging and a single elimination, streamed bracket. The top bot builders will split the prize pool of $2000.

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For Gamers Interested in Tech

The most valuable part of the courses are the fun and simple way that things are explained.

Daniel L

College Freshman

I’ve already used the Rocket League bot in interview conversations! The course introduces you to concepts in small chunks, and levels up your coding brain and Python skills. Afterward, you’ll know enough to be self-sufficient.

Aaron S

Job Seeker

I could already tell the course was worth it after the first module.


College Freshman

The Skillquest instructors are very professional. They help and encourage me along the way. I would definitely recommend Skillquest for anybody interested in learning coding skills while having fun!

Brock W

High School Senior

for gamers

Learn Programming Skills

Learn everything you need to know about the Python programming language while preparing for a battle of Rocket League bots. Every course owner gets entrance into the final tournament, where the $2,000 cash prize is awarded.

Programming Skills You'll Learn










What You Need

- A PC capable of running Rocket League
- Ability to install programs
- A couple of hours a week to build
- Recommended 15+ years old

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For parents

Does Your Child Love Gaming?

Gaming is so engaging that it can become a challenge. If your child is interested in technology, harness that engagement by offering learning in a context they already love. The Rocket League Bot Competition uses their passion and competitiveness to promote learning valuable skills.

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This course and other "learn through gaming" courses are provided by Skillquest. All courses are recommended for 15 years or older.