Helping Gamers Go from Zero to Career in Tech

A lot of young adults are unable to get lucrative careers in tech because the industry is gate-kept by boring and outdated coding education. With Skillquest, we teach gamers how to code by building engaging projects around esports to build a portfolio of interesting projects so you can pursue a successful career in software development.

Skillquest is a STEM Accredited Educational Program that helps Rocket League Players become Software Developers
Rocket League Coding Camps at Skillquest

Learn to Code by Building Interesting Projects

Get your first interaction in coding to understand the fundamentals and how to use code to build projects in a fun and exciting way.

Learn Coding Online with Rocket League

Turn Those Coding Skills into Software Skills

Move from code into programming by building software projects related to the games you’re already playing.

Learn Coding with an online tutor

Use Your Portfolio of Software Projects to Start Your Career

Take your programming knowledge and package it up in a portfolio you’re passionate about to use to pursue a career in tech.

Skillquest Fills the Gap between Coding Education and Tech Careers

Misguided Education Causes a Gap Between Learning Code and Careers in Tech

A lot of students graduate from high school, college, or a coding boot camp ill-equipped to start their careers as experienced junior developers. This often makes them have to seek employment in another industry, not using their talent and skills. You shouldn’t have to invest so much time and money in a coding education that doesn’t lead to a dream career in tech.

Corbin Fonville Professional Developer Instructor Skillquest

Coding Education isn’t Serving Students

While pursuing a coding education, Skillquest founder Corbin Fonville, had to learn to code by building a vegetable categorizing app. To say it was excruciatingly boring would be an understatement. It wasn’t until he built something interesting and relevant to him that he was able to use it as an example in an interview launching his career as a software engineer.

Build Toward Success

With hundreds of users learning to code with Skillquest in a fun and engaging way, students can now enjoy the education process and get placed in software development and technical roles within reputable organizations.

Our Process

Break into a career in tech in just three simple steps.
Go from Zero to Code, Code to Projects, and Projects to Career.

Choose The Coding Program For You

Select from our available coding programs based on your needs and skill level.

Learn To Code By Building Projects

Get started working through the projects available or through the training offered.

Build a Career-Building Portfolio

Create a portfolio of projects you care about to use in future interviews.

Download the Tech Career Readiness Checklist by Skillquest

Download the Tech
Career Readiness Checklist


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Learn to code or take your skills to a higher level. Skillquest meets you where you’re at and helps you get to where you want to be as a software engineer.


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