Where Rocket League Players Become Software Engineers

Turn your child’s interest in Rocket League and gaming into a real software skills. Our professional engineers guide players through hands-on STEM learning to build résumé-worthy projects.

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Skillquest Coding Camps where Rocket League Players Learn to code
Rocket League Coding Camps at Skillquest

Tech & Coding Camps

Learn coding and technology skills with hands-on projects taught and led by industry-experts.

Learn Coding Online with Rocket League

Learn Coding On-Demand

Learn how to code at your own pace with our easy to use e-learning platform.

Learn Coding with an online tutor

1:1 Tech Tutoring

Work with an expert to develop and refine coding, technology, and career skills.

Is Your Child Struggling to Be Interested in School?

Turn your child’s passion for Rocket League into coding skills that help them get a career or get into college.

With Skillquest,
Your High Schooler Can…

Learn Node.JS with Discord

Learn Node.JS with Skillquest

“I can build a Discord bot!”

We teach your child how to deploy a web server with a custom-built Discord bot using Node.JS. Taught by professional software engineers, learners participate in end-to-end engineering from writing code to deploying a live web server.

Learn Python with Rocket League

Learn Python with Skillquest

“I built a bot that can play Rocket League!”

We help your child learn Python by building a bot that they can compete against and enter into educational bot-building competitions, in partnership with the RL Bot community.

Build a website without coding

Learn how to build websites with Skillquest

“I designed my own gaming clips site!”

We teach your child how to use no-code drag and drop website builders to create a website that displays their videos and clips to share with friends and family.

Get a job in software engineering

Learn Coding with Rocket League and Discord

“I landed a job with what I learned from Skillquest!”

With Skillquest, we are dedicated. to helping our members turn their knowledge into successful software engineering careers with the help of our instructors and partners.

Learning Skills Through Gaming is Fun and Simple

Skillquest Process 1 Find Coding Camps and Online Courses



Skillquest Process 2 Sign up for a coding camp or elearning



Skillquest Process 3 Learn coding skills learn career skills develop coding skills



“The Skillquest guides are very professional. They help and encourage me along the way. I would definitely recommend Skillquest for anybody interested in learning useful skills while having fun!”

Brock W

High School Junior

Our Solutions

We exist to help Rocket League players get started in a software engineering career.  We help our students get started in their career through coding camps, on-demand learning, and 1-on-1 tutoring from experts.

Coding Camps


1:1 Tutoring

Skillquest is a STEM Accredited Educational Program that helps Rocket League Players become Software Developers

Focused on STEM Education

At Skillquest, we teach our students career skills from a STEM focus. We believe that STEM is the future and are passionate about teaching students STEM skills that will help them excel in their furute career in the software engineering industry. We work with other STEM-focused businesses to elevate our curriculum and place talent into good companies.

Learn Coding From The Comfort of Home

Your child can learn code on-demand, in a virtual coding camp, or in online 1:1 tutoring sessions from home, school, or anywhere with internet connection.